Messy-Bun Profile

I recently drew this profile and wanted to
try my hand at digitizing again.

Have a nice Monday evening :)


Hawaiian Breeze

Good afternoon, coming from a very on-edge artist!

I just finally got my laptop's internet to work. I'm still
on-edge because I'm afraid it will stop working any second.

I've been wanting to share my recent art for over a month!

I was feeling very in the mood for a summer day when I drew this
girl with a tropical flower in her hair.


I love winter.


But I've been missing spring and summer sooo much lately.
I just want to walk on a beach again...
And hike in our back woods...
And go horseback riding...

It will come quick, I know.

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

Praise the Lord!


Hand Lettering is Back!

Happy November!

Goodness, I've been so MIA lately.
I'm sorry I haven't updated since...yikes...June?!

I honestly have not been doing much art lately,
but last month, I made these three hand-letterings!

I hope you enjoy them :)

Aah, yes, I watched 'The Lord of the Rings' last month
and I had to use one of Aragorn's the quotes in my art.

Have a lovely evening!
And thank you so very much for viewing!


Aurora Borealis Watercolor

I've seen many photos taken of solitary tents set in the middle
of a snowy landscape under the northern lights...
And I want to do that someday.

Have a lovely evening :)


Under the Sea

I have not stopped my drawing/painting! My internet wasn't working
for over a week, and I wasn't able to share my latest watercolor.

It's working now, so here ya go!

This was so much fun to do - especially the bright colors :)

Have a lovely evening!